The Apple Powerbook 100

The PowerBook 100 was one of the earlier notebooks produced by Apple in the 1990s. It was part of the very popular PowerBook series but specifically designed to be the low-end option. Although it didn’t sell very well compared to other PowerBooks, it eventually gained recognition as one of the best notebooks ever produced. What […]

The Apple iPad

Tablets are everywhere, but Apple both popularized the concept and pioneered several groundbreaking technologies. Today, the iPad is still an invaluable gadget for professional and everyday use. But the newer versions offer users a much more powerful experience than the original version did.   What is the Apple iPad? The iPad is a tablet computer originally […]

The Zenith Space Command

Zenith Space Command was one of the world’s first remote controls and the first wireless remote that worked perfectly. It was operated mechanically and still holds one big advantage over the remote controls we use today. What is Zenith Space Command? The Zenith Space Command was a wireless remote control released by Zenith back in […]

The Apple AirPort

The Apple AirPort was a revolutionary invention that enabled users to share WiFi connections back when the technology was still emerging in 1999. Although most WiFi modems come with routers, there are still some advantages of owning an Apple AirPort. Let’s have a closer look at it here below. What is the Apple AirPort? WiFi […]

Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

For some, Bose noise-canceling headphones are a convenience, for others, they’re a necessity that helps keep them sane. Essentially what these headphones do is cancel out any the surrounding noise, leaving you free to enjoy audio in peace. In addition to being extremely comfortable to wear, they offer impressive voice clarity for both phone calls […]

The Heart Monitor

Heart rate monitors are used by athletes and everyday people around the world. While once only used in hospitals, now they’re a staple in Fitbits, Apple Watches, and even some smartphones. Heart rate monitors are personal monitoring devices that measure and display your heart rate. Researchers first began checking heart rates in 1012, and the […]

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox is one of the most famous brands in the gaming industry. First introduced in November 2001 through the original Xbox console, Microsoft Xbox is up there with the Sony PlayStation as the flagship gaming device for enthusiasts and casuals alike. Three Console Generations While there are many models of gaming consoles that fall […]

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