The GRiD Compass 1101

GRiD Compass 1101 was the world’s first clamshell laptop, and also one of the most durable models at the time of its invention. What is the GRiD Compass 1101? Labeled “the grandaddy of laptop computers”, the idea for the GRiD (Graphical Retrieval Information Display) Compass 1101 was initially conceived back in 1979. The inventor behind […]

The Hewlett-Packard HP-65

Hewlett-Packard HP-65 was the world’s first hand-held programmable calculator, which paved the way for today’s much more powerful calculators. What is the Hewlett-Packard HP-65? Invented in 1974, the HP-65 marketed as the smallest programmable computer ever. It was able to run programs that had up to one hundred steps. The programs themselves were stored on […]

The Iomega Zip Drive

The Iomega Zip Drive was the most popular floppy disk storage system in the superfloppy niche during the 1990s. What is the Iomega Zip Drive? The Zip Drive was a removable floppy disk storage system launched in 1994 by Iomega. Zip disks were an offshoot from the more widely used floppy disks. Where the traditional […]

The Panasonic DVD-L10

By 1998, the world had already been introduced to portable music devices in the form of Sony’s Walkman and Discman. They’d also enjoyed portable TVs in the form of Sony’s Watchman. Not to be outdone by Sony, however, Panasonic introduced consumers to the portable DVD player, the Panasonic DVD-L10. Now, everyone could watch their favorite […]

The Sony Watchman

Sony has broken a lot of ground when it comes to portable devices. The 1980s saw them not only introduce people to the Walkman and Discman, but also the Watchman. As you might have guessed, the Watchman enabled users to watch TV on the go and was an early precursor to today’s tablet devices. What […]

The Sony Discman D-50

The Sony Discman D-50 changed the music industry, which at the time was dominated by cassette tapes and vinyl records. For the first time, users were able to listen to their music CDs on the go. What is the Sony Discman D-50? The Sony Discman D-50 was the world’s first portable CD player. It was […]

Leatherman Signal

The Leatherman Signal is the perfect accessory for outdoor travelers and DIY enthusiasts. Featuring almost 20 different tools, the Signal is the all-in-one dream for any handy individual! Compact Yet Expansive Leatherman designed the Signal tool with travelers in mind. When you are loading up a backpack for a camping or hiking trip, it is […]

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