The GoPro Hero is part of a line of cameras that were launched in 2004 by Nick Woodman. Woodman is the founder of GoPro, a technology company that started in 2002. This company not only makes its own cameras, but they also develop apps and editing software.

The main inspiration for the cameras was a personal experience Woodman had. On a surfing trip to Australia he wanted to capture the moments he experienced with video and high-quality pictures. The name GoPro comes from the motivation that he and his friends had to “Go Pro” in surfing.


Hero Cameras are a line of products from GoPro Company. There are 13 GoPro Hero cameras, all with a slew of different features, but mostly the same functions: high-quality pictures and sharp video.

Among the many features that can be enjoyed, these cameras can also be used up to 10 meters underwater. As an added benefit, they are incredibly lightweight while also offering excellent quality: the first GoPro Hero had a weight of just 110 grams, with a video quality of 1080p30 and 720p60.

Something particularly useful about this type of camera is the fact that its distinctive shape makes it easy to carry. GoPro’s previous products had a high definition of 4K, but this is not a quality possible across all of the Hero product line.

With a very easy to use touchscreen, GPS capabilities, and even a slow-motion camera, this little device also has the Hypersmooth video system and the ability to connect to WiFi, making file sharing much more convenient.

Similar Products

The line of products from Hero cameras have continued to evolve over the years. Some of the most used products are the GoPro Hero 7 Black, the Hero 7 Silver, the Hero 7 White, the Hero 4 Session, and the Hero 5 Session.

The GoPro camera can be used by non-professionals and professionals alike, and it will work perfectly for movement and action pictures, giving a high-quality image and even audio capture. This little device has incredible benefits in a lightweight package.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

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