The Logitech Harmony is one of the most remarkable gadgets in pop culture history. A remote control for a TV, the Harmony is produced by Logitech, a well-known technology company that produces electronics for computers, such as keyboards, mice, and headphones, along with accessories for smartphones and portable devices. This company was founded in 1981.

Logitech created and still produces the Harmony remote and home automation line. These products have a range of different features, such as the power control, the channel buttons, volume (high/low), and mute, what you would expect from a remote. Today, remote controls have adapted along with modern technology to offer a wide variety of features to make life easier.

The Harmony remote control made its first appearance in 2001, and the line included a Universal Remote control which works for TVs, home theater systems (this includes video games and BluRay players) and other electronic devices that can be controlled through the use of infrared.


The actual features of the Harmony remote line of products are the online set up of the device’s software through a USB wire along with the more modern products that can be programmed or configured with a smartphone app.

All of the remotes from this line have infrared capabilities and the capacity to support more than 5,000 brands, which is why they are called Universal Remotes.

Similar Products

Some products have been discontinued like the Harmony Link, the Harmony for the Xbox 360, and the Harmony One. Today, you can find a massive variety of remotes from the Harmony line, such as the Elite, one of the newest releases, among other remote devices that facilitate life at home.

Today the remote control is still a very important element in daily life. Knowing the best remote for you can help make your day to day more convenient and pleasurable.

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