WiFi enabled, easily music downloading, with access to a huge catalog of music, the MusicGremlin was released in 2006. It was the first portable MP3 player that also allowed the user to download the music they wanted over a WiFi network, no host computer usage required.

This brand new innovation was groundbreaking and allowed it to gather a sizable fan base.  Apple would not offer these features until a year later.


The MusicGremlin was ahead of its time in terms of the features offered in 2006. The ability to connect to WiFi for wireless music transfer and music sharing was, of course, the most notable feature.

Its small size was also a plus, being only two inches, with a color LCD screen offering 220 x 176 resolution. Users also appreciated the ability to listen to the radio, as it had an FM tuner for radio reception.

The memory of this little gadget was also impressive. The MusicGremlin boasted an 8GB hard drive which was able to hold about 2,000 songs. The system was embedded with IEEE 802.11b WiFi networking. The battery could last for 10 hours, allowing listeners to enjoy an extended period of music enjoyment without having to recharge.

At the time, these players sold for $299, a price that was steep but not entirely prohibitive.

Even with all of its incredible features, the MusicGremlin was not destined to stay at the top for long. In 2008, SanDisk, a company predominantly known for its flash storage solutions, bought the MusicGremlin. There have been no updates or new releases related to this device since. Although the service is no longer available, you can still use this device with other music subscription services, one of which is Rhapsody. 

If you decide to give the MusicGremlin a try, keep one thing in mind: maybe don’t try downloading music after midnight.

Image courtesy of TIME.

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